How To Fix Poor VoIP Call Quality

To make a business successful, it is important to focus on how you commute. Organizations are the first ones to adopt technologies that promise to improve the quality of communication.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that has transformed the way businesses communicate. It is a great way for businesses to save money because it uses the internet and not traditional phone lines. But this is not the only benefit of using VoIP. It is simple to use and install. All you need to do is plug in the VoIP phone into the jack. You can also use the applications which are available on mobile phones and computers and use them on any device.

There are many benefits that VoIP offers, but there are also some poor call quality issues that these phones suffer from. But the good thing about this is that every issue has a fix.

Jitter Issue

The first issue that VoIP phones suffer from is call quality. As these phones require the internet, communication can be broken into packets. The audio can become scrambled if the packets are not delivered in the correct order. This can also result in an echo or poor voice quality.

The issue of jitter can easily be fixed by placing a buffer where you have placed your VoIP system. This way, the packets are received by the caller in the correct order. Make sure that you choose the correct jitter buffer. If you place a small buffer, it may reject the packets when it gets full. But if you place a large buffer, it can cause delays which will affect the quality of the call. Adaptive jitter buffers are the best option as you can set a dynamic range and increase the size when needed.

Internet Connectivity Issue

If your employees rely on using the internet for different things, the call quality may suffer. If you have a video calling package in your VoIP system, then it will need a larger and faster internet connection to handle the traffic.

To fix this issue, ask your internet service provider to switch the network to a larger and faster plan, or increase the resources. If your company is using VoIP, it is important to have a high-speed internet package to avoid any issue.

Network Issue

As VoIP requires internet access, if the firewalls, routers, or modems are outdated, this can result in poor call quality. When your hardware is not updated, it is common to experience delays, dropped calls, or low call quality.

It is important to update the hardware. The cost of updating is not high, but if you notice that updating the firmware does not fix the issue, you might need to get it replaced. If your company is growing, the VoIP system that you installed initially might no longer support the volume of calls.

If you notice an issue or complain about the VoIP system, you should work on solving it. This way, you and your employees can take advantage of this system. Thanks to Security Cameras Nashville for this awesome article!